Congratulations to Dutch who now has his stunning images online in the Tokyo Foto Awards (TIFA).  He submitted several images in the Architectural Building category of the TIFA Neutral Density exhibition in the Architectural Category.  His work is easily recognized; he has style!

Dutch: “A few months ago I submitted three Series to the Neutral Density Awards competition and was notified recently that two of them were accepted as 'Honorable Mention' in the category - Non-Professional - Architecture - Buildings. It is a good feeling.

Along with his submission images, Dutch explains his artistry in the DETAILS link:

“Dutch’s photographic education is a self-taught one, exploring all aspects of image making. When capturing an image, Dutch tries to see the final result, ‘before’ pressing the shutter. He believes that what we observe, feel and experience, forms the core of one’s life’s story. Part of his story is reflected in photographic images taken in an instant of time, in his world, that here and now. The act of processing those images allows him to express how deeply, either with awe, joy or sadness, those moments in time have affected him. His images are how he tells his story.”

You can see all the Architectural accepted images here:










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