This program will be presented for members via ZOOM at the Churchville Nature Center (CNC), and for our members who wish to stay at home, you can connect via our ZOOM invitation which will be announced in sufficient time to log in.
The presentation is available to all paid members.
Those non-members who wish to visit the Churchville Nature Center community room, are welcome. We allow you to try out our club meetings by coming into the CNC building at 6:30pm Monday night, and see what we're about.  You have two free visits, and on the third visit, you must pay your dues for membership.  You can find the Membership Form under the FAQs under the Library link.

We welcome Paul Grecian for his presentation: "How, What, Why. Developing a Personal Philosophy of Photography"

Paul states,
"The program will deal with the various aspects of being a photographer that require making choices and decisions regarding every aspect of your photographic process.”

His images are inspiring in their beauty, elegance and simplicity.  How does he do it?  Learn along with us!