On Saturday, May 19, a dozen club members braved a constant heavy rain to tour and photograph the Nakashima Studio and property on Aquetong Road outside New Hope.  George Nakashima was an innovative woodworker, architect, and furniture maker.  He made his furniture working with what the tree had to offer using traditional Japanese techniques.  His tradition is carried on today by his daughter, Mira, who runs the workshops and studio.
Mira gave us a history of her father and his work and then graciously allowed us to photograph a number of the buildings, inside and out, on the eight-acre property.
It was George Nakashima's dream to build "Peace Altars" on each of the seven continents.  According to the website, three have been built and funds are being collected for the fourth.  The cost of our trip was a donation to the Nakashima Foundation for Peace.  To see more, check out their website:

George Nakashima Woodworker, S.A.

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