Our speaker this month is Michael Rubin.
His website - https://www.neomodern.com/
Marty did a little research on our behalf and found some additional information on Michael's website.  Michael states that he is "using lessons from the Zen Arts to get closer to photography".


Being curious, I found an explanation on a website related to Haiku. https://thehaikufoundation.org/haiku-dialogue-seeing-beyond-seeing/
"Like haiku, photography is about seeing and experiencing. Haiku, meditation and photography have much in common: all are based in the present moment, all require complete focus, and all are most successful when the mind is free from distracting thoughts. An image and a haiku are both a ‘moment in time’. Both are viewed objectively yet often experienced subjectively through our own experiences and interpretations. Mood, memory, and/or metaphor all play a part in our writing and in our interpretation of other poets’ writings."

Let's embrace the Zen spirit of seeing as well as experiencing, and enjoy the guiding hand of our evening presentation!