Monday, Feb 20, 2023 – Club Critique / Critique by select members

Monday, Feb 20, 2023 – Club Critique / Critique by select members

The evening's program will be a critique by members.  We ask for for the 'not perfect' image or images that could use for some input for improvement. Introduce yourself as the photographer and you may choose to address any concern with the image.  Members may offer you suggestions about processing, cropping or anything that else.

NOTE: You should be present in the meeting if you intend to interact with the critiquer.

DEADLINE: Submit one image only by Saturday, 5PM February 18th.

NAMING:  A critique is interactive, so the naming is really simple.  Just use your first name and last initial.  Save as a '.jpg', or '.jpeg' and upload to the website.  (ie., DianneR.jpg)

SIZE:  Horizontal/wide 1600 px OR for a vertical/tall (or your 'square-ish image) use 1200 px.  TIP: Make sure that your image size is not over 2MP; the uploader may have difficulty with larger images and will probably fail.  Resize your image and watch that the MP do not exceed 2MP.
FORMAT: Jpeg (Jpg)

UPLOAD: Use the uploader on the website.  Click on Member Log In (not the drop down).  It will pull up the page requesting that you provide your UN and PW.  If you don't remember your UN, contact Dianne Rose. She can give this information to you.   If you don't remember your PW, you can enter your UN and request to change your PW.  (Be creative; we have had our problems in the past with 'simple' passwords.)

If you have any problems, contact Dianne Rose or Janet Hickey, preferably via phone based on how quickly you need help!


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