The contest was judged by Rick Wright who gave excellent commentary on each entry before making his selections... There were 34 images in each category.



1st Kathy DiTanna – Door to Darkness  BEST OF SHOW

2nd Ron Forsstrom – Two Red Chairs

3rd Craig Spielman – Two trees in the desert


HM Nancy Helmuth – Two Children in masks

HM Laurie Santoro – Old and New Building


HM Richard Coniglio – Daffodil and shadow



1st Marty Golin – Dried dandelion

2nd Ron Forsstrom – Two tombstones and a tree in infrared

3rd Craig Spielman – Night Sky

HM Marty Golin – Tower of plastic containers


HM Richard Coniglio – Casablanca

HM Richard Coniglio – high key blocks and a man on white