NOTE - This meeting has been changed to a ZOOM Meeting at 7:00pm; the CNC meeting room will not be opened tonight.

Obviously there is no separate OPEN category in this particular contest.  A separate themed category will show up in later contests.

Judge: Paul Grecian

"Paul Grecian has been a full-time artist working in the medium of photography for 18 years. In that time his work has been purchased for thousands of private residences, and corporate buildings. Paul's images have won multiple awards (including an IRMA in 1999), and have been sold for a variety of publications (calendars, books, magazines) and corporate projects. His primary interest and passion however, is in photography as an art form."

Web link:

UPLOAD DEADLINE: Saturday, 5PM October 1st.  Use the uploader on the website.  Click on Member Log In (not the drop down).  It will pull up the page requesting that you provide your UN and PW.  If you don't remember your UN, contact Dianne Rose. She can give this information to you.   If you don't remember your PW, you can enter your UN and request to change your PW.  (Be creative; we have had our problems in the past with 'simple' passwords.)

IMAGES: Members may submit up to  three (3) images)in this contest.

NAMING: We are using first names, and your last name initial, then show the number of the image (01, 02 or 03), and briefly describe what we are seeing (ie, dog running etc).
Example: DianneR01 - dog running.jpg

SIZE:  Horizontal/wide 1600 px OR for a vertical/tall (or your 'square-ish image) use 1200 px.  TIP: Make sure that the total image size is not over 2MP. The uploader may have difficulty with larger images and will probably fail.  If this occurs, resize your image and watch that the MP do not exceed 2MP. Upload again.
FORMAT: Jpg/Jpeg

If you have any problems, contact Dianne Rose or Janet Hickey (preferably via phone based on how quickly you need help)!