Message from Rick Kobylinski.


On Monday evening (September 19th), the Churchville Photography Club opens its 2022 / 2023 club year with our traditional Fall Social. The doors to the Community Room at the Churchville Nature Center will open at 6:30 pm that evening and we welcome all members to attend in person if they can. It is typically a covered dish type Social where members bring what they want to eat with some extra to share with fellow club members. I have heard opinions on both sides of the discussion about sharing food with others and health concerns. Therefore, I am leaving it up to each member to decide whether they wish to just bring their own food for themselves or bringing enough to share with others. If you are not comfortable eating food prepared by others, please don’t. If you are comfortable with it, dig in.

The club will supply soft drinks for the evening. I will be bringing some small store-bought sandwiches for those wishing to partake. Personal sized bagged chips will be supplied also. The Social aspect (eating and talking) will run from 6:30 pm to 8 pm at which time we set up the digital projector and laptop and begin the Zoom portion of the meeting to view images submitted by the membership. This is the first of hybrid (in-person & Zoom) meetings this club year. I am expecting that every club meeting will be a hybrid meeting.

We encourage all members to upload up to five images to the CPC website between now and Saturday, September 17th at 5 pm. This would give our secretary, Dianne Rose, enough time to sort them out in order to present them during the hybrid portion of our Monday meeting starting at 8 pm.

Please upload up to five images using the website uploader.  Sign in under the Member Log In. Upload and sign out.  If you have trouble uploading, the image may be over 2MB in size.  Resize by using your quality slider, and save again.  Call if Janet or Dianne if you have any issues.  Be prepared to talk about them briefly as they appear on the screen. I will determine how much time you have to speak on your five images according to how many images we receive. Please be concise. Don’t ramble. Don’t be offended if I cut you short. Be considerate. I will let everyone know how much time they have to discuss and / or describe their images of “What I Did On Summer Vacation”.

As per Dianne’s request, please follow these parameters when uploading to the website:

Label each image as follows: First name followed by last name initial followed by the image number (1 through 5 if you are submitting five). If you follow this labeling procedure with each image you upload, your images will be grouped together properly and not scattered in Diane’s file.
Example: Rick K 1, Rick K 2, Rick K 3, Rick K 4, Rick K 5 or Ansel A 1, Ansel A 2, Ansel A 3, Ansel A 4, Ansel A 5.

Sizing images is not critical for this upload but try to keep to the club upload standard of 1200 on the long side.  Save as a JPG/JPEG image.

Remember that this is the first meeting of the club year and dues are now due. If you are attending in person, please bring a check for $30 for an individual membership and $45 for a household membership (defined as those that live under one roof)  for our Treasurer, Elaine Barkan.
Make the check out to “Churchville Photography Club”.
If you are not attending in person, please mail a check to *Elaine Barkan, 216 Waverly Road, Southampton, Pa. 18966.
*Please let us know if there are any changes in your home address, email address or telephone number.

Prospective members may attend up to two club meetings for free before they must pay yearly dues. We always hope that they enjoy the club enough to formally join the club quickly.

We hope to see a big turnout at the Social.