On April 30th (Saturday), seventeen the CPC photographers gather together to enjoy an entire day of cool weather and bright overcast skies (perfect).  We split into our assigned teams and set off solve our 22 clues.  This activity gave us the opportunity to mingle with new people and spend more time to get to know them.  It was challenging and fun!  And that's what it is all about.


We had a map to show the boundaries of our search.  So many people stopped our members, asking why they were seeing so many photographers on the street.  They seemed to enjoy the idea of a Scavanger Hunt and on occasion offered to help out.

Of course, after it was all over, some of the ladies decided to go shopping!  Talk about stamina!

The teams will get together later to pick out their images for our presentation to the club on June 6th.  I hope you'll be there to enjoy the search second hand.