The Scavenger Hunt for 2015 was held May 16th at Duke’s Farm ( near Somerville NJ. The organizing team consisted of Susan Rachlin, Marlene Mendez and John Stritzinger. Four teams competed, and Team #1 was deemed the overall winner.  The site offered a range of photographic opportunities, from stone buildings and ruins, an orchid conservatory, statue gardens, many streams and lakes plus several fountains.  The members split into four teams and set off in search of photographs to satisfy the list of clues distributed by the organizers.  After successfully dodging raindrops, a hearty lunch in Somerville was enjoyed by all.


Below are a sampling of the images that were displayed at the June 15th meeting, where the teams submitted their selections and the Team #1 was judged the overall winner.



01T3BH 02T3DER_0001 03T3DER_0001

04T3JGM     Duke's Farm (7 of 17) 05T3EB_1

09T3JGM     Duke's Farm (1 of 17) 10T3DER_0001

11T3DER_0001 12T3JGM     Duke's Farm (17 of 17) 14T3der_0001

14T3JGM     Duke's Farm (13 of 17) 15T3JGM     Duke's Farm (14 of 17)