We begin the year with our Social.  It's all about FOOD and FRIENDS.
Our members participate by bringing a food item to the table and we share some summer stories.  (What have you been up to?)

Yes, we missed you, but we all need a break and we have another great year with programs, challenges, trips and contest/critiques to tickle your brain.

Club business will be discussed and questions encouraged.

Susan Rachlin will bring PHOTO BINGO to the club.  We see each other every other week, but can we match the names with the faces?  It's a great way to get to know your club members.

We'll put a specific "WORD" into a hat (or equivalent) and we'll draw from the hat.  You have months to create a few images to share which express what that word means to you.  This will challenge your creativity.

You are encouraged to upload 5 images to share.  We'll let you know when to upload.
Naming of image: We like to keep your images together, so we start with three of your initials (if you have two, put in your last name) and then add 01, 02, 03 etc.  (ie, JLH01.jpg)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Churchville Photography Club encourages its members to enjoy each others company while visiting the locations of member trips. However, member trips are not sponsored by CPC and CPC is neither responsible for, nor assumes liability for, any loss incurred while participating in these activities.

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