Introducing Laura Brandt with her SPOTLIGHT story!

I grew up in the City of Rochester, NY, the heart and soul of photography back in the day! Everyone, including my mom, had a camera, as well as a bowling ball. From my bedroom window, I could see Kodak’s Hawkeye plant forever looming along the banks of the Genesee River. (Years later, I found out that they worked on top-secret government work!). Kodak was always in the background of my early life. I had a camera at a very young age, and mostly took event and vacation photos. After high school, I went to R.I.T., but not for photography, unfortunately!

Fast forward, I worked in the food industry creating tasty food at a major flavor/seasoning manufacturer, then switched gears after studying Ecological Landscape Design at Del Val and worked in the landscape design industry beautifying landscapes. All of this creative training influenced my photography. My daughter who took darkroom photography in high school and graduated from art school in Philly, has been a profound influence, as well. I never fully appreciated B/W photography until I saw her photographs.

I can get “lost” all day on a photo stroll, examining the light and trying to interpret my environment. For over a decade, I have enjoyed being a member of this club and enjoyed outings to NYC Chinatown, Bryn Athyn, Princeton Nurseries and other places. Through this club I have learned to appreciate abandoned buildings, bokeh, blurred anything, creative fantasy pieces and so much more. I got the courage to enter the Phillips Mill Exhibition a few years ago, and my botanical B/W image was selected and sold for which I am very grateful.

I think you need at least two lifetimes to learn various shooting and post-processing techniques, but I’m grateful for this one, and glad I met a bunch of photo enthusiasts in this club, who have gotten me out of my comfort zone! I will continue to explore food, architectural, botanical, nature, macro, B/W, and creative compositing, some of my favorites, as well as other subjects that I haven’t fully explored!



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