We reintroduce Marty Golin, who inspires us with his strange and wonderful vision.  We smile often and wonder why we do not open our eyes just a bit more and see through his eyes what is in front of our own faces.  Here are his thoughts and musings, and a bit of poetry too.


About 1 year BC (that’s Before Covid, & yes it seems it has been almost that long), when meetings were in person, during a group conversation of what type of photos one typically would make, without thinking I blurted out “I take photographs because it helps me to see better.” Epiphany! It had taken my sub-conscious years to distill what I had been doing & pondering into a simple, declarative sentence.

I’ve realized that the “seeing” & camera-capture/unprocessed image thereof is part of a process, & the actual final photograph is the concrete confirmation of the initial “seeing.” (Sometimes the final outcome takes some coaxing or is not what I thought I saw, but these are other matters.) I’m quite willing to acknowledge that a successful complete cycle occurs only a small fraction of the time. However, the initial seeing, even without the photographic elements, remains a worthy endeavor in & of itself.

And a more recent version which more directly touches on the underlying obsession...

I am a blind man
& the camera I carry
Has become my white cane
To poke & prod the folds of light
That punctuate my path,
Hoping to encounter the seams
That bind the dimension
In front of my face
& behind my eye.

The Gallery: (Click on the image enlarge and see it fully.)

Bravo Marty!!

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