Introducing Nancy Gomez.  Read all about her journey into film and digital photography.  Thank you Nancy for taking the plunge and introducing yourself to our club membership through the SPOTLIGHT!  I would love to encourage others to take a month for an article through the CONTACT link.

I would like to thank everyone at the Churchville Photography Club for the warm and encouraging welcome.  I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive place to begin my journey into digital photography.

I fell in love with Black and White film photography many years ago in high school.  I love being able to capture a moment in time whether it is the beauty of nature, the excitement of a city or the shared experience of friends and family.  I also love to chronicle contemporary culture and share the richness and unity of community events.

Technology is a struggle for me.  When I left my career in the art world to raise my children, artists submitted slides, exhibitions were announced on mailed postcards or in newspapers and magazines and a computer network was literally wires running thru walls and under floors to large computer terminals.  I managed to hide out from technology working as a yoga instructor while I raised my children, no tech required!  During this time, I dropped my Pentax film camera and it was destroyed so I picked up a point and shoot Olympus that carried me through many years until I got lazy and started using my I phone.

Finally, I have decided to put my big girl pants on and face the technology beast.  I purchased a Nikon 5300 and a few precious lenses.  As you can see from the photos here, I have not yet attempted any editing programs.  That will come next.  You will also notice a variety of subjects.  I am not yet sure where my journey will lead.  I do know that I have landed in a supportive and inspiring nest at the Churchville Nature Center and I look forward to growing and challenging myself to improve my photography skills and find my voice.

Gallery view - CLICK on the image to see the full size.

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