The Photo Review Exhibition – 2020 Competition Themed Galleries.
The 2020 Competition Web Galleries entries were specially selected by their Editor, Stephen Perloff, and other Photo Review staff. 
Continue to check their website for information on their 2021 Competition.
There are 12 themed Galleries. Visit the link above to view the various images on their website.

We congratulate four of our members who were honored to display their photo in the following categories:

It Erupts
Category: Patterns
Philip Dutch Bagley
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

No Stone Tears, 2008
Category: Still Life
Marty Golin
Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Visual Treasure (NYPL), 2020
Category: Alone
Sharlene Holliday
Langhorne, Pennsylvania
(Her image is the cover photo for themed gallery 'Alone')

Was Boyd's, 2017
Category: Country
John Stritzinger
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

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