Susan Rachlin, president
Ed Maxwell, vice-president
Dianne Rose, secretary
Buck Sleuman, treasurer
Buck Sleuman, Image editor

Michael Smith of “Mad Bluebird” fame presented “Random Moments in Nature” in May 2000
Membership stood at 57 in January 2000.

Gary Fink, President
Janet Cohen, Vice-President
Dianne Rose, Secretary
Joan Radomski, Treasurer

The Annual CPC Contest received 239 entries for judging from 44 individuals.
John Ennis presented a program, as did David Winston Graham
We introduced our first Fifteen Minutes of Fame programs by members.
The treasury stood at $867 as of May 3, 1999

Bob Clift, president
Susan Rachlin, vice president (resigned in Sept); Janet Cohen took over in November.
Dianne Rose, secretary
Joan Radomski, treasurer
Gary Fink became Image editor in Nov 1997

Holiday program was presented by Irene Hinke Sacilotto
The Annual CPC Contest drew in 66 individuals who submitted 264 entries for judging.
The 3/16/98 treasury stood at $471.01

Bob Clift, president
Ernie Volpe, vice-president
Dianne Rose, secretary
Joan Radomski, treasurer
Paul Grecian continued as the Image editor.

Churchville won the 4/21/97 Interclub Contest held at CNC; contestants were CPC, Newtown Camera Club (NCC) and Focal Planes.
On 5/19/97 the membership roster listed 59 names; the 5/5/97 treasury stood at $1573

Susan Rachlin, president
Karen Milstein, vice-president
Dianne Rose, secretary
Edie Leckey, assistant secretary
Joan Radomski, treasurer

Len LeRue III was the featured speaker at the Holiday meeting Dec 95
In Dec 1995 we had 45 members and ended the year in Jun 1996 with 52 members.
On 6/96 the treasury stood at $965.70

Ray Miller, president
Dianne Rose, secretary
Susan Rachlin, vice-president
Edie Leckey, assistant secretary
Bob Clift, treasurer
Barbara DiMattio and Lee Bailey, refreshments chairs
John Konder, Competition chair
Paul Grecian, Image editor
Ray Miller and Scott Petersen, CPC Contest co-chairs

The CPC picnic was at the Petersen home at Long House Farm.
The club had 60 members as of January 1995.

Ernie Volpe, president
Inge Snipes, vice-president
Dianne Rose, secretary
Ray Miller, treasurer
Joan Radomski, refreshments chair
Al Albert and Scott Petersen were the CPC Contest co-chairs with 136 entries.
Paul Grecian and Lori Mager, Image editors

The Interclub competition with Focal Planes was held at Silver Lake 28 Feb 1994.
In Nov 1993 the club had grown to 63 members.
On April 4, 1994 the treasury stood at $796, which included a $300 profit from the annual photo contest.

Ray Miller, president
Dianne Rose, secretary
Dan Kelly, treasurer
Joan Radomski, refreshments chair
John Konder, competition chairInge Snipes, Image editor

In 2/13/93 Ray resigned as president, and Ernie Volpe took over the position.
In mid 1993 the Bylaws were revised and the Club membership year changed to open mid-Sept through June; dues were raised from $10 to $20.
June 1993, the Club's first picnic held at the Snipes Farm in Morrisville.
On 2/25/93 the treasury stood at $325.00

Ray Miller, president

Dianne Rose, secretary
Dan Kelly, treasurer
The Image was edited by Greg Labacz until Oct 1992 when Inge Snipes volunteered as editor.
John Konder, competition chair
The Second Annual Churchville Photography Club Contest was held in March 1992 with Scott Petersen and Don Bonett acting as co-chairs
The first Interclub Contest competition was held at JCC on December 18, 1992; the participants were CPC, Knights of Pythias and JCCC.
In January 1992 we had 38 members; the treasury stood at $290.54

Greg Labacz, president
Dianne Rose, secretary
Ray Miller, treasurer
Ray and Don Bonnet worked on the club competitions.

Greg Labacz, president
Dianne Rose, secretary
Ray Miller, treasurer

The Image published Nov 1990-March 1991 by Greg Labacz.
In the spring of 1990 plans were implemented to establish our first annual CPC photography contest with the DiMattios as organizers.
The contest was held in October 26-28 with 101 entries from 41 photographers.
The treasury stood at $439.81 in March 1991.The club had 22 members in early 1990.

Lou Caparoso, president
Tony DiMattio, vice-president
Audrey Santangelo, secretary
Greg Labacz, treasurer
Dorothy Walker, publicity

Lou Caparoso, president
Dorothy Walker, secretary
Tony DiMattio, treasurer
28 members in November 1988
1989 officers -Lou Caparoso, president Audrey Santangelo, secretaryTony DiMattio and Greg Labacz, treasurer Dorothy Walker, publicity

During the club's first year, there was no formal structure; Bob Bechtold acted as president, Daniel Ochner was vice-president, and Scott continued in an advisory role. Dues were $5.00, with an additional $5.00 charged those who wanted to use the darkroom. Of the founding group, Scott, Tony DiMattio, Dianne Rose, and Al Williams continued as long-time members.
January 1986 brought a more formal organization, as elections were held. Bob Bechtold was president, Tony DiMattio became the treasurer and Dianne Rose acted as the secretary. Dues were kept at $5 and mugs were sold as a fund-raiser. As of June 1986 there were 12 members. The program schedule for 1986 lists a slide show by Dianne, portrait photography by Scott, a matt-cutting seminar by Barbara DiMattio, and competition topics of spring wildflowers, night photography, and fall scenery. The library exhibit schedule already included a show at the Northampton Public Library. The treasury at the end of 1986 stood at $143.30.
In 1987 the club bylaws were written and approved. The president was Lou Caparoso, the treasurer was Tony DiMattio and secretary Dorothy Walker. Attendance at meetings ranged from 9 to 11 members, and there were 18 members total by the end of the year. During the summer months the Club met on the picnic benches outside for a discussion and social hour. The 50/50 was already a fixture of meetings, with the average winnings $5.