INTERESTED?  You must be a member to participate in club trips.  You can join the club in advance by filling out our membership form  and mailing your check to Elaine Barkan; the information and her address is on the form.  The check must be received prior to the event (or you can bring it and the membership form with you).

Time: See below!

Location: Churchville Nature Center, 501 Churchville Ln, Churchville  PA 18966 (day hours).

Trip Coordinator/Contact:  Not assigned; it's January and who can predict snow?

Details:  Watch for a snow event in January (not too severe).  Don't forget the hot cocoa!  We are looking for your CNC images during or after a snow event.  This may limit our member participants, but for those that want to, you are welcome to visit the nature center.  You can go solo, but it's safer to bring someone along with you.  (If solo, make sure someone knows where you are before you go and when you expect to be back. )


This trip is not sponsored by the Churchville Photography Club.  Participants assume all risks associated with attending this event.

(Feature image by Kathy DiTanna)