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Coordinator: Steven Karp
Email contact (copy and paste):

When: Saturday, March 30th with a rain date of Sunday the 31st.  Meet around 10am.

Meeting up location: The intersection of Bridge and Union Streets in Lambertville.

Parking: In Lambertville, which is usually far less crowded, there is a small municipal parking lot by the bank, metered spaces and if you don’t mind walking a few blocks north, there are no meters.

FYI - There is a lot of metered parking at the New Hope Train Station. Many people don’t realize that parking is there and there are often open spaces. Alternatively, there are a few small pay parking lots and metered street parking near this location.

Restaurant: In Lambertville I can recommend the Anton’s at the Swan, and The Hawke, Lambertville Station. There is also a pizza joint. We can probably meet around 2pm. There are many restaurants in both towns, however, I am unfamiliar with those in New Hope.

Interesting things to photograph:

I don’t know how many people will be there on a Saturday in March. New Hope is mainly full of tourist shops while Lambertville is more town-like. Peak season doesn’t start until July, but any reasonably warm day will bring people outside.

Lambertville is more spacious, quirky, and less crowded. There are several old buildings to photograph, and remnants of the past. There are more opportunities for candid shooting because it is less crowded. You will find old townhouses, and many residents decorate them with little “art” pieces. One house has an old truck in its front yard.









(Images by Steven Karp)

New Hope. The train if it is running in March. The vintage train station is a good subject.  The canal and towpath. Delaware River views. There are usually a lot of people, and the sidewalks are narrow and crowded. It can be hard to take photographs in many places, especially candid shots.


This trip is not sponsored by the Churchville Photography Club.  Participants assume all risks associated with attending this event.