Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

2013 Aug-Sept – Lynn Mass



I am a retired educator who enjoyed teaching for 40 years. I taught science, Chemistry, Biology [...]

2013 Apr-May – Rick Kobylinski

Rick Kobylinski

My first experience with hands-on photography was with Instamatics and Polaroids in the early and mid 70’s ....after [...]

2013 Jan-Feb – Bennett Povlow

Bennett Povlow

I’d been a casual photographer for decades, mostly vacation shots using a Canon A-1 (a technological marvel for [...]

2012 Nov-Dec – John Stritzinger

John Stritzinger

I am seriously into photography on a daily basis.  I love taking photos!  On my daily train commute [...]

2012 Sep-Oct – Michael Hickey

Michael Hickey

I'm very proud of the fact that I'm a self-taught photographer; I consider myself a product of “technique [...]

2012 Jul-Aug – Patti Griffith

Patti Griffith

Photography is just one of my many passions, but it is the one that brings me the most [...]

2012 May-Jun – Mickie Rosen

Mickie Rosen

At age 21, a 2 year "sentence" as an "army wife" in Germany seemed like a life time [...]

2012 Mar-Apr – Susan Loscalzo

Susan Loscalzo - Artist / Photographer

I have been an artist all of my life and have worked in many [...]

2012 Jan-Feb – Jennifer Cathcart Linda

Jennifer Cathcart Linda

Ansel Adams has always peaked my interest and inspiration for photography through his landscapes. When I had [...]

2011 Nov-Dec – Bennett Povlow

Bennett Povlow

I’ve been a casual photographer for decades, mostly vacation shots using a Canon A-1 (a technological marvel for [...]

2011 Sept – Dianne Rose

Dianne Rose
Yardley, PA

I bought my first 35mm camera in 1979, after going to Germany with a little Kodak Instamatic, [...]

2011 July – August – John Styner

John Styner -  Levittown, PA
Graphic Design, Photography and Fine Art

As a lifelong resident of Levittown PA and the surrounding [...]

2011 May – June – Bill Stroup

Bill Stroup - Langhorne, PA

I got my love of photography from my father.  As a small boy, I remember [...]

2011 Mar – Jocelyn Canfield

This month's Member Spotlight is

Jocelyn Canfield

I have been taking pictures since I was a teenager, but my passion for [...]

2011 Jan – Joe Connett

This month's Member Spotlight

Joe Connett

I had a lighthearted interest in photography at age 18 with my first Polaroid camera. [...]

2010 Nov – Paul Stout

This month's member Spotlight:

Paul Stout - Yardley
Free Lance Photographer

For the most part, I'm a Photographic Journalist and there's a [...]

2010 Sept – Jan Goltz

This month's Member Spotlight
Jan Goltz
Warrington, PA

Hobbies:  photography, classical music, tropical fish, pets, birding and nature walking

Equipment:  Nikon D200

Photographic Interests:  [...]

2010 June – Cheryl Coffee

This Month's Member Spotlight....
Cheryl Coffee

I was born in Princeton, New Jersey, but moved around the Eastern US my throughout [...]

2010 May – Anita Fanic

This Month's Member Spotlight
Anita Fanic

My interest in photography started when I was around 12 yrs. old. I was always [...]

2010 Feb-Mar – Jean McKenna

Jean McKenna

I can’t remember not having a camera. My first was a Polaroid One-Step and I used it to [...]

2010 Jan-Feb – Mary Beth Baur-Baker


The Box known as mb3

I don't recall ever being anywhere without a camera.  As far back as [...]

2009 Nov-Dec – Felix Gomes

Felix Christopher Gomes
Warrington, PA

Camera/Equipment: Nikon D50, Wide assortment of lenses
Interests: Photography, Fish Keeping, Computers

I started investigating photography as a [...]

2009 Sept – Alan Micklin

Alan J. Micklin
Bensalem, PA

Camera/Equipment: Nikon

Interests: Photojournalism, portraiture, macro, wildlife, nature, still life, covered bridges, old historic buildings. Recently [...]

2005 – Alan Shils (rev 2010)

Warwick PA

When I was about four years old my grandfather gave me a shirt-pocket Kodak folding camera. I [...]