Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

2015 Dec- 2016 Jan – Randy Kane


I have always loved photography, but my passionate obsession for it began [...]

2015 – Oct-Nov – Marc McCann

Our newest member is Marc McCann and like many of us, he has an eye for capturing the surrounding [...]

2015 – Aug-Sept – Robert Seidman

Never have I met someone who joined a club and immediately understood what membership meant. Robert joined our Planning [...]

2015 – June-July – Barry Good

Barry Good is a new (and welcome) face at our club.  It's exciting to see his exceptional and unique [...]

2015 Apr-May – Frank King

In April and May our SPOTLIGHT is on Frank King!  He's one of our newer members and we're happy to have him step into the SPOTLIGHT and share his vision.

Like many members of the photo clubs, I have been interested in photography for many years but because of work and raising 4 kids, I could never seem to find the time to pursue my interest.  Less than 2 years ago, I finally decided to dedicate the time and resources needed to learn photography.


2015 Jan-Feb – Kathleen DiTanna


When I retired from teaching (2011), I bought a DSLR camera (Canon [...]

2014 July-August – Peter Funk

Though born in Bristol, PA, Peter Funk grew up in rural Burlington County NJ where he lived among family [...]

2014 Apr May – Vicki Randall


I have always had a love of photography. When I was a young girl my father had one of [...]

2014 Jan-March – Tom Gari

I've almost always had a camera in my hands. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie given to me [...]

2013 Nov-Dec – Dawn Gari

2013 Nov-Dec - Dawn Gari

The SPOTLIGHT is on one of our newest members, DAWN GARI....

I was studying art education [...]

2013 Aug-Sept – Lynn Mass



I am a retired educator who enjoyed teaching for 40 years. I taught science, Chemistry, Biology [...]

2013 Apr-May – Rick Kobylinski

Rick Kobylinski

My first experience with hands-on photography was with Instamatics and Polaroids in the early and mid 70’s ....after [...]

2013 Jan-Feb – Bennett Povlow

Bennett Povlow

I’d been a casual photographer for decades, mostly vacation shots using a Canon A-1 (a technological marvel for [...]

2012 Nov-Dec – John Stritzinger

John Stritzinger

I am seriously into photography on a daily basis.  I love taking photos!  On my daily train commute [...]

2012 Sep-Oct – Michael Hickey

Michael Hickey

I'm very proud of the fact that I'm a self-taught photographer; I consider myself a product of “technique [...]

2012 Jul-Aug – Patti Griffith

Patti Griffith

Photography is just one of my many passions, but it is the one that brings me the most [...]

2012 May-Jun – Mickie Rosen

Mickie Rosen

At age 21, a 2 year "sentence" as an "army wife" in Germany seemed like a life time [...]

2012 Mar-Apr – Susan Loscalzo

Susan Loscalzo - Artist / Photographer

I have been an artist all of my life and have worked in many [...]

2012 Jan-Feb – Jennifer Cathcart Linda

Jennifer Cathcart Linda

Ansel Adams has always peaked my interest and inspiration for photography through his landscapes. When I had [...]

2011 Nov-Dec – Bennett Povlow

Bennett Povlow

I’ve been a casual photographer for decades, mostly vacation shots using a Canon A-1 (a technological marvel for [...]

2011 Sept – Dianne Rose

Dianne Rose
Yardley, PA

I bought my first 35mm camera in 1979, after going to Germany with a little Kodak Instamatic, [...]

2011 July – August – John Styner

John Styner -  Levittown, PA
Graphic Design, Photography and Fine Art

As a lifelong resident of Levittown PA and the surrounding [...]

2011 May – June – Bill Stroup

Bill Stroup - Langhorne, PA

I got my love of photography from my father.  As a small boy, I remember [...]

2011 Mar – Jocelyn Canfield

This month's Member Spotlight is

Jocelyn Canfield

I have been taking pictures since I was a teenager, but my passion for [...]